When we got Wayne it had no interior to speak of and I started from scratch. Interior by Home Depot and the Recycled building center of Portland. Wood floors and paneling with insulation sandwhiched inside.. The conversion was completed in my driveway next to the house, be sure you talk to your neighbors before starting something like this.
We had fresh water stored in a reclaimed food storage plastic drum.We used a foot pump and a utility sink, grey water drained into the 5 gallon bucket bellow. When parked with hookups we used our small refrigerator. We also had a deep freezer tat occasionally was used as a cooler, but mostly for storage. We had a 700watt microwave but most often we used our rice cooker or just used our camp stove out of doors. When boondocking we had an inverter and deep cycle batterys that worked for our frugal needs for about 3-4 days, as long as we stayed away from DVDs and did more reading.

I spent some good hours in that seat right there, this was the Mojave. We have many pictures of this crossing eventually I will get most of them here for you to see.

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