Monday, September 19, 2011

Cast of Characters

Dad (David): 41 at the time of this post. I spend most of my time being the father, teacher, mentor, friend, cook, protector, bus-driver to my three beautiful energetic children.
 Lex is 7, he loves to read, wrestle, run, ride and generally be a super high energy boy. The way he looks at the world help me to be a better person, everyone should spend time talking to and more importantly listening to their children.
Nova and Petra, identical girls of 4; loving, funny, and strong. My adorable little girls, I am about them like the old saying goes, " Like the father of identical twin girls."
Mom (Amber) whose energy and art make all of this possible.
Zeus our mostly blind 11 year old lhasa apso.
and Blu the Bus.

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