Sunday, September 11, 2011


     As I find myself with my family living on the road for more than a year now, I also find more and more people who ask me to share my story and stories. I have started this blog to do just that. I was reaching my 99 weeks when the choice was made to "step off" the grid so to speak.  I purchased for $1500 a 1972 Propane powered GMC standard school bus. After several months work it was converted to an amateur RV-Skoolie. We took our three children (ages 6, 3 and 3) and left our home of  more than 10 years, Oregon. To date, we have not returned, but have crossed the country twice.
     In this blog I hope to share my experience and insight with others who may have an interest or need for it, as my lessons   learned from the experience and insight of those I have met in my families travels are valued and treasured. I had some topics that I was going to touch on but I am sure content will evolve as time passes.
    Since most of the time I am a "stay-at-home"(still not sure about that phrase and how it applies to me. Link) Dad, I will have some things to say about that. I am presently homeschooling my children, it wasn't in my original "Master Plan" so to speak, but one does with life what they can. We live the five of us and our blind dog Zeus in an RV and have for more than a year so I will probably have a few things to say about that. On our last crossing of the US we has a accident involving our Travel trailer RV and a Commercial Big-Rig and the subsequent "relationship" with the insurers family of partners, might speak a little of that as well.  Throw in general perspectives of modern society and culture and a few current(ish) events and you get the idea of what you can expect reading here.