Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Children are GO!

    The joy that is happy children. is hard to express.  It provides a peace that says to you, " at least you are doing one thing right."  It helps me understand the way senior citizens look at young folk, when I watch my children play together happily, or give me a drawing with happy faces. One thing I have learned is that to them I am not the 'Eeyore' that normally think of myself. When having to provide discipline and structure for the small members of the family, I am also shown portraits they have made filled with smiles and us doing fun stuff. Obviously I am not giving off the gruff message I thought I was.
    I sometimes have to remind myself to be thankful for such happy children when I am tired and their shrieks of glee and delight playing together are driving on my last nerves. Who am I to dictate what is "fun.?" Those times I sit down give them all a hug and tell them how I feel the good and the bad, sometimes it even quiets them for a minute or two. I guess what I am trying to say is, look for it. Look for the happiness in your children and family, it is much easier to find and can be appreciated and nourished when it is found. I have been getting in the habit of telling my kids when something makes me happy, and they often now tell me when something makes them happy. That simple communication not only helps things run smoother, but helps me and kids get to know each other better.
    People have told me that children are blissfully unaware, but it has been proven to me time and time again how aware they really are, if you don't believe me, tell me what happens when colorful metaphor is uttered in your house. Turn off the news and just enjoy some music. Just don't forget that tiny ears hear the same as big ones.
    Anyhow, go hug your kids, I am going to hug mine. Don't forget to tell them how you feel and I bet they will tell you how they feel. In my opinion, only more happiness can grow from that.   

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