Saturday, October 1, 2011

Losing Marbles

Tip: For the younger kids a jar and a bunch of marbles given singly as rewards for good choices, helps a great deal in teaching the small ones to think about the choices they make and they over all make better choices. Once the jar is full a small reward is given as recognition, I have found that the instant and family recognition is the bigger motivator. On the other side poor choices can earn the loss of a marble , " are you sure you want to make that choice, you might lose your marbles?"


  1. What kind of choices have earned them marbles and what choices have lost them marbles?

  2. Choices that earn marbles are positive choices. The choice to take care of your own needs with out being reminded is a big one in our household, such as brushing teeth and hair or other self grooming tasks and household chores will earn a marble. Helping a sibling or parent in their tasks or chores will earn a marble. Loss of a marble usually comes from mean or disrespectful behavior. Genuine mistakes are not punished beyond the recognition of the error, it takes a conscious effort in choice to lose a marble or "make a poor choice."

  3. This is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing !